Entrance Requirements...

I. Degree students:
Possess a Bachelor's degree.
Serve a minimum of six hours weekly in a local church.
Be endorsed by the local pastor.

II. Non-degree students:
Serve a minimum of six hours weekly in a local church.
Be endorsed by the local pastor.

Apply Online or contact the Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry to request an application.

Completed applications must be received by August 1st.

    Mailing Address:
      Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry
      11501 SE Sunnyside Road Suite 300

      Clackamas, OR 97015

       Pacific Conference Office - 503 427 0000

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1. Attendance
Given the intensive nature of the courses both in content and class time, the student is expected to attend every session.

In the event of an emergency, the student is responsible for contacting the professor(s). If the professor is unavailable, the student may contact the Dean or Registrar. The student is responsible for class content which he/she misses. One unexcused absence will place the student on probation. Two unexcused absences will result in automatic dismissal.

2. Ethical Behavior
Since this is a School of Ministry, students are expected to conduct themselves in the highest standard of ministry.  See paragraph 591 of the 1995 Discipline of the Evangelical Church.  Acceptance and enrollment in the school constitutes willing agreement by the student to abide by this handbook and the other rules of the school. Violations of this standard such as lying, cheating and plagiarism, will result in suspension and probably dismissal. See Due Process, Section 4. Wise financial stewardship is a crucial area for the minister. Students are expected to keep their bills current.

3. Grading
Students will receive a letter grade upon completion of the course.
                              A+  =  97-100       C+  =  77-79
                              A  =  93-96             C  =  73-76
                              A-  =  90-92           C-  =  70-72
                              B+  =  87-89           D+  =  67-69
                              B  =  83-86              D  =  63-66
                              B-  =  80-82            D-  =  60-62

A = 4.0, B = 3.0,  C = 2.0, D = 1.0, F = 0

A student must maintain a 2.5 GPA average to successfully matriculate. Failure to do so will result in the student being placed on academic probation. The student then has one year to raise his/ her GPA or be dismissed.

4. Due Process
In the event there is a conflict involving the course professor, the student is to follow the principles set forth in Matthew 18.

  • First, the student is to privately discuss his concerns with the professor.
  • Second, if step one does not reach satisfactory resolution either the professor or the student may appeal to the Dean. The Dean will select one student and one faculty member to be on a panel he/she chairs.
  • Third, if step two is not satisfactory to either party, the student or professor may appeal to the Board of Ministry. Their decision is final. There is no further appeal.

Similar steps are to be followed in conflicts with students or administration. In all cases the Board of Ministry is the final court of appeal.

5. Course Structure
Yearlong courses are set up to be equivalent to a one-semester class. The expectation for a one-semester hour class is 15 class/seat hours. In this intensive program, the classes are supplemented by local area student led colloquia.

Homework expectations are two hours of work for every hour of class time. Hence, a student pursuing a full load of 10 hours should anticipate spending 300 hours on homework.

Faculty have been instructed that the guiding rules at the school regarding homework are:
     - Text/collateral reading, 20 pages = 1 hour      

     - 10 page paper with research = 30 hours

     - 5 page reaction paper = 10 hours
Thus a three-hour class with a homework load of 90 hours might require:
     - (2) 10-page papers= 60 hours

     - 600 pp. text and collateral reading = 30 hours

6. Incomplete
Class work should be completed by March 31. An Incomplete ā€œIā€ grade may be granted by a Professor, together with approval of the Dean/Registrar, if the student incurs illness or unpreventable and unforeseeable circumstances inhibiting his/her ability to meet course requirements on time. The work must be completed by the 15th of August for the ā€œIā€ to be changed to another grade. When the Professor submits his/her grades, he/she must indicate what grade the student would receive if the student does not complete his/her work by the above date.

To remove an Incomplete, a student may retake the course when it is again offered by PESM. A student can also remove the Incomplete by retaking the course as an independent study with the approval of the dean and the professor. Should the student have more than one Incomplete, he/she may only work on one Incomplete at a time. The student will be responsible for the regular fees for the retake or the fees for an independent study.