Church Planting

The Pacific Conference’s Board of Church Planting serves leaders responding to the call to start churches. Our heart is to prayerfully dream with the Lord, alongside of catalytic leaders, into His purposes for multiplying new works across the PNW.


Currently led by Mitch Lee, this group exists to support, resource and launch pioneering leaders and teams into the Harvest. We see this as a highly relational endeavor, as we share the Good News of a highly relational God.


If you are feeling a tug toward church planting, please contact Mitch Lee or fill out our introduction questionnaire.

Launchable LeaderS

The goal of the Launchable Leaders Pathway to Ministry is to provide training and experience for leaders of multiplying new works.

This Pathway:

  • is focused on the life transformation of the Leader
  • is exclusively for those leading new works: church plants, house churches, and other discipleship communities
  • should equip the leader with needed tools for the work of the ministry
  • should excite the leader as an upgrade for effective disciple-making and ministry
  • need not be entirely comprehensive
  • is outcome based
  • is mentor based
  • is dependent upon the investment of the local church
  • is accessible and affordable

As such, we like to think of this process as training field-medics, not surgeons. These leaders will operate under the umbrella of another body (church, network, or conference) that continues to provide support and guidance. What follows is our proposal for the educational component of this process.

Complete and return the application to Mitch to get started.