Cross Cultural Outreach

Our purpose is to help each local church participate in missions both locally and globally.


The Power of Five

Listed below are five things you can do in five minutes or less for missions. ready….set…GO!

1 ASK to have a missionary or mission group highlighted in your church announcements/bulletin for extra prayer.


2 READ this great article about how to encourage a missionary. (


3 REPLY to the next ministry update you receive from a missionary – just a few sentences to tell them specifically what you enjoyed hearing about or found interesting.


4 SEND a card or a gift package to a missionary kid. Let them know they are remembered too!


5 SET UP A LOOSE CHANGE JAR to collect coins with your family.Donate the contents the next time a missionary speaks at your church, or send the amount electronically as a special donation.

We hope each local church will fulfill Jesus' words...

"But you will receive power

when the Holy spirit comes on you;

and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,

and in all Judea and Samaria,

and to the end of the earth."

Acts 1:8


The Pacific Conference has a strong missions heritage and partners with a number of mission organizations, working both locally and internationally.

Evangelical Church Missions (ECM)
   Web -
   Email -
   Phone - 503 342 3588

CityTeam Missions (Portland)
   Web -
   Email -
   Phone - 503 231 9334

Hope Teams International
   Web -
   Email -
   Phone - 503 974 9549

OMS International
   Web -
   Email -
   Phone - 503 990 1584

WGM  (World Gospel Mission)
   Web -
   Email -
   Phone - 503 654 4603

   Web -
   Email -


We encourage all Evangelicals to tithe their retirement years! On average, Americans live for 18 years following retirement. We are challenging each of us to spend one year volunteering on an international mission field and another year ministering locally, in our community but outside the church. The following brochure can be used as a conversation-starter within small groups or Sunday School classes, to facilitate and encourage discussion regarding investing one's retirement.


Click here for a PDF of the Missions Brochure on tithing your retirement.

(Before printing set your printers margins to 1/2".)

In our desire to experience more people being called as missionaries, we have developed a grant to assist those who are prayerfully considering missions as a career. This grant is designed to assist them in visiting the mission field, with the purpose of confirming a "call to missions".

Click here for a PDF of the Grant for Potential Missionaries.

Board of Cross-Cultural Outreach

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  • Benjamin Duarte

    Home Church: Iglesia Evangelica Hispana de Woodburn (Woodburn, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I am blessed to be part of the Pacific Conference and to work with the Board of CCO.

    Day Job: Lead Pastor

  • Victoria Henderson

    Home Church: Albany Evangelical Church (Albany, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I love going on a mission trip to Honduras every Christmastime.

    Day Job: Aspiring Writer

  • Becky Wright

    Home Church: Oregon City Evangelical Church (Oregon City, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I enjoy adding scriptures to pressed wildflower pictures I make for gifts.

    Day Job: retired from Blount International

  • Suzanne Warren

    Home Church: Valley View Evangelical Church (Clackamas, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I love working with the team on the Board of Cross-Cultural Outreach.

    Day Job: Missionary with One Mission Society

  • Wayne Schock, Director

    Home Church: Oregon City Evangelical Church (Oregon City, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I enjoy connecting with people (teach Sunday School, lead small group, etc.)

    Day Job: Director of Cross-Cultural Outreach

  • Paul Marquez

    Home Church: Woodburn Evangelical Church (Woodburn, OR)

    Favorite Kingdom Work: I enjoy motorcycle rides with the men of my church.

    Day Job: Lead Pastor