Courses are offered in rotation:

Year One:  2023-2024 | Year Two:  2024-2025 | Year Three: 2025-2026

Students may begin any rotation year.


    Year One              Course Semester                                                                       Hours

    BIB-500                Old Testament With Inductive Study                                       3

    CHT-500              Church History Survey                                                               3

    CED-500              Christian Education                                                                   1.5

    PST-500               Church Health                                                                            1.5

    SFD-500              Devotional Life: Mentoring, Reading, Journaling                     1


    Year Two             Course Semester                                                                        Hours     
    BIB-501                 New Testament with inductive study                                         3
    CHT-502              Basic Christian Doctrine of Holiness                                           3
    COU-500             The Art of Pastoral Leadership                                                     3
    LDR-500               Leadership/Pastoral Theology                                                      1
                                  seminars at mid-winter, annual conference-mentor


    Year Three         Course Semester                                                                          Hours     
    BIB-501               Two books of the Bible                                                                     3

                                with inductive study and preaching

    PST-501               Foundations of Evangelism and Discipleship                            1.5
    PMW-500           Worship in the Local Church                                                        1.5
    PRE-500              Preaching                                                                                          3
    SFD-501               Leadership in the local church,                                                      1

                                 Mentoring, Journaling

course Catalog

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