Upon examining scripture, it is clear that the institutions of marriage and family are near and dear to the heart of God. Fortunately, there are some incredible resources available that we can point our churches toward that can help us grow healthy marriages and families that are pleasing in God’s sight.

One such resource, packed full of ideas, comes from the Association of Marriage & Family Ministry (AMFM). It includes great books and programs that can help folks in our churches continue to grow toward being the marriages and families that God has called them to be.

Also consider Every Marriage Matters. They have several one- and two-page resources available for download. One includes Suggested Marriage and Relationship Resources; another recommends some  DVD-based Marriage & Family Programs that could be used in your church; and a third is a list of Web Resources for Your Relationships, representing ministries based in the Portland metro area as well as many from around the country. 

For one-on-one consultation or marriage-and-family-focused retreats here in the Northwest, check out Marriage Works Family Matters.

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Parenting is a tough job these days...definitely not for cowards! Here are some great resources to consider using in your church and in your family to help you all be all that God has designed for you to be:

General Family Ministry

AMFM Highlighted Resources (page 10 Resource Guide)


AMFM Highlighted Resources (page 4 of Resource Guide)

AMFM Ministry Team:

Single Parenting

AMFM Ministry Team:

StepFamily Ministry

AMFM Highlighted Resources (page 40 of Resource Guide)

AMFM Ministry Team:

Disabilities Ministry

AMFM Ministry Team:

As parents age, families are often left wondering how best to care for them, what to do about finances, and how to find common ground between relatives. RETURN Ministries helps create peace for families facing crises that threaten the very relationships God intended to sustain the family, through counseling and mediation. They specialize in transitions and crisis for families with seniors as well as the effects of addiction on family relationships.

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