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Start...this word can paralyze with fear or excite with inspiration. Whether you are in the paralyzed camp or among the inspired, we offer here a few suggestions to help you as you “start here." In these pages you’ll find tried and true programs, curriculum, and suggestions. Rather than prescribing a particular course of action, we hope these offerings will help you bring organization to your inspiration or at the very least calm the fear long enough to answer a few questions.

There are tons of fun activities for students to take part in at Trout Creek Bible Camp. Camp is for students going into 4th-6th grade. To find out more, click the link above.

One of the things we value as a denomination is quality Christian education and discipleship. One of the ways we do that is through Bible Quizzing, where students train and study the Bible and compete in friendly regional competitions to test their Bible knowledge!


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