Church Planting


Ministry Profile
The Pacific Conference of The Evangelical Church is looking at a number of areas to plant churches, including: Boise, SW Portland, and the Puget Sound Area. The Church Planter would be supported up to 3 years in order to establish a local Evangelical Church.

Reporting and Accountability
The Church Planter reports directly to the Conference Superintendent. There would also be quarterly reporting and accountability with the Board of Church Extension.

One to three years.


Financial Support for the church plant and planter would start at a minimum of $100,000 for the first three years. The financial support and yearly distribution is negotiable, but would only last a maximum of three years.

Specific Competencies Needed
The Church Planter needs to have the gifting and abilities to start a new church work. 

These qualities include:

  • A vital relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Gift of leadership, a visionary
  • Commitment to Evangelism (relating well to secular people)
  • Perseverance
  • Self - Starting
  • Teachability
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Intuitiveness
  • Good Health


  • Vital and vibrant relationship with Christ
  • Commitment to the Evangelical Church and harmony with our heritage, polity and teaching
  • Minimum four years of college or equivalent